Real Time First Person Virtual Reality Using Computer Vision Tracking

Here is my Engineering Science Masters project.

This is just a place-holder… I plan on optimising some of the code, implementing Inverse Kinematics to connect the hands to the gun and putting up a video demonstrating the system.  In the mean time, please take a look at the thesis:

Download Thesis (16MB PDF)

A very brief summary:

  • Cheap hardware – under £100 for all parts (excluding a computer!)
  • Localisation of n cameras to within 2cm (accurate extrinsic calibration).
  • 60Hz pose estimation of 3 marker groups.
  • 3D rendering of model based on pose estimation.
  • 85% CPU utilisation for both pose estimation and rendering (E6300 @ 2.7Ghz)
  • Wireless joystick input.