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Several people have suggested that importing OpenCV is cheating and as such the claim that MintEye was broken in 23 lines of Python is disingenuous. So, here’s a solution in 34 lines of Python:

 import sys  import os  import matplotlib.pyplot as plt  import math  from PIL import Image    for dir in range(1,14):      dir = str(dir)        total_images = len(os.listdir(dir))+1        points_sob = []      for i in xrange(1,total_images):          image ='/'+str(i)+'.jpg')          im = image.load()            #convert to grayscale (ITU-R 601-2 luma transform)          grey = [[None for _ in range(image.size[1])] for _ in range(image.size[0])]          for x in xrange(image.size[0]):              for y in xrange(image.size[1]):                  grey[x][y] = im[x,y][0]*299/1000 + im[x,y][1]*587/1000 + im[x,y][2]*114/1000            #sobel          sum_of_sob = 0          for x in xrange(1,image.size[0]-1):              for y in xrange(1,image.size[1]-1):                  gx = -grey[x-1][y-1] + grey[x+1][y-1] - 2*grey[x-1][y] + 2*grey[x+1][y] - grey[x-1][y+1] + grey[x+1][y+1]                  gy = -grey[x-1][y-1] - 2*grey[x][y-1] - grey[x+1][y-1] + grey[x-1][y+1] + 2*grey[x][y+1] + grey[x+1][y+1]                  sum_of_sob = sum_of_sob + math.sqrt(gx*gx + gy*gy)            print sum_of_sob          points_sob.append(sum_of_sob)        res = points_sob.index(min(points_sob)) + 1      x = xrange(1,total_images)      plt.plot(res,points_sob[res-1], marker='o', color='r', ls='')      plt.plot(x, points_sob)        #plt.savefig(dir+'.png')  

The point I’m trying to make is that Sobel is a very simple operator – that’s why it was created, as a crude approximation of the derivative of a 2D signal. In fact, the only non-trivial maths imported from OpenCV previously are the DCTs to decode the JPEGs.

Can u buy kamagra over the counter


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For informational purposes only. Consult your local medical authority for advice.

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An interesting feature is that the completely undistorted image is often a peak in the graphs. This means we usually select one image to the right or left of the correct image (which is still happily accepted as the correct answer by MintEye).  This seems to be because the undistorted image is somewhere sharper than the distorted images and hence has sharper gradients resulting in larger derivative values.  Obviously it would be trivial to do a local search for this peak, but it isn’t required to break this CAPTCHA.

In conclusion, it would seem this method of image based CAPTCHA is fundamentally flawed.  A simple ‘swirl’ operation will always be detectable by this method, no matter the image being swirled.  The increased sharpness also gives the game away – an FFT or autocorrelation could easily be used to detect this change in sharpness, just like autofocus algorithms.